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 license agreement
       by scrapNgal

personal license

click here for information on a Commercial License

By downloading free or purchased products (fonts, alphabets, clipart, Journaling Delights or other products, collectively referred to as products) from you are agreeing that the products are the property of and licensed (not sold) to you only for personal use as a single user. Both the image design and the digital file are protected by United States Copyright law. By purchasing a Personal Use License, you have the right:

To install and use the products on a single computer.

To use and modify the products for your own PERSONAL use.

you have the right:
Create scrapbook pages, cards, written letters, signs, name tags, invitations, announcements, gifts, candy bar wrappers, etc. for Personal Use only, not for resale, exchanging or commercial distribution.

you do NOT have the right:
Share, loan, rent, resell, or distribute the products.

Install and use the products on more than one computer at a time.

Make copies of the products other than for back-up purposes.

Copy or alter by electronic means, reproduce, modify, or create derivative works from the products for the purpose of resale or distribution in any format.

Use the products to make Digitalized Embroidery designs for resale or distribution.

Use the products to make Rubber Stamps for resale or distribution.

Use the products to make Cross stitch kits for resale or distribution.

Use the products to make Scrapbook Kits for resale or distribution.

Use the products to produce vinyl lettering or other cuttable/printable products for resale or distribution.

Add the products to Software Programs for resale or distribution.

Add the products to books or other educational products for resale or distribution.

Use the products to make candy wrapper designs or products for resale or distribution.

Use the products to design website pages other than your own personal website pages. If you use them for your own personal website pages you must protect the images from being copied or downloaded.

Use the products to make any product images into tubes, brushes or other format variation for resale or distribution.

Offer any product images on any webpage for download, send them through a list such as a news or Yahoo group or include them in any graphics collection either on the Internet or otherwise.
We will consider requests to purchase a commercial license for ScrapNfonts fonts. See the information on the website or send requests to or fax to 801.235.9395.

limited warranty

ScrapNfonts warrants that your products shall be free from defects for 30 days from the time the products are downloaded or are sent to you. If you detect a problem within 30 days, please contact us by fax: 801-235-9395, e-mail: or through our web page. If you have any copyright questions, please contact us.

limitation of liability

ScrapNfonts' sole responsibility to you shall be to abide by the limited warranty as stated above. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall ScrapNfonts be responsible for any damages or loss that result from the use of, or inability to use the True Type fonts, alphabets or Journaling Delights. If any legal action arises out of copyright infringement, ScrapNfonts shall be indemnified and held harmless of any and all costs or damages that you or ScrapNfonts incurs.

Licensee hereby acknowledges that Licensee is licensing the products for non-commercial, personal use. Licensee hereby agrees to pay liquidated damages to Licensor in the amount of $5,000.00 for any non-personal and/or commercial use. In addition, should Licensor incur any attorney fees or other costs in collecting and/or enforcing this liquidated damages provision, Licensee agrees to reimburse Licensor for all such fees and/or costs. The parties acknowledge that the liquidated damages set forth above are reasonable in amount, that actual damages would be extremely difficult or impractical to determine and that any dispute or potential dispute over actual damages would be disruptive to the businesses of the parties so that it is in both parties' best interest to have determined the amount of such reasonable liquidated damages.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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