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 add color
       by scrapNgal
Add Color

Sooner or later everyone asks the question: Can I add color to my fonts?
The answer is Yes!

Many of you have tried changing font colors in your word processor. If so, you know that a word processor changes only the outline of the letters.

However, using a common program included with your operating system and a little trial and error, you can add full color to any fill-in style font.

Here is a step by step demonstration in Windows Paint for adding color to one of our fonts, LD Sailing. (Mac users: Appleworks has a Paint option which uses the same steps and tools as Windows Paint.)

This image was made in about 5 minutes. Here's how: Go to Start-Programs-Accessories and open Paint. Initially the white canvas will be smaller than the screen. Enlarge it by placing your mouse pointer over the small point in the bottom-right canvas corner and drag the canvas outward. Click the text tool button and create a text box on the canvas by dragging the text tool across the canvas. If you don't see the text toolbar, select View-Text Toolbar from the menu. Your canvas should now look like this:

Choose a font size and type LD Sailing in the text box. Now it's time to add your color. Click the paint bucket tool and select a color from the palette . Then add color to individual portions of the letters by clicking the paint bucket tool inside the white spaces. Use the magnifier tool to zoom in to hard-to-reach areas. And that's it! We used light and dark blue, red and yellow for this image. Make endless color titles using your TrueType fonts!

Can I overlap the letters? Yes again!
Follow the same steps as shown above, only this time make each individual letter a separate image instead of creating one complete word. Do this by adding one letter at a time. Spread the letters out on the page to give yourself some working room and color them in. Once you have all the letters spread out and colored on the canvas, click Image on the menu and make sure Draw Opaque in not checked. Now, use the select tool to drag a selection box around a letter. Place the cursor over the selection and it will turn into a four-way arrow. Drag the letter into position on the page. Do the same for the remaining letters in the title. Any white space surrounding the letter is transparent so the letters appear to overlap seamlessly. In this example I worked backwards from G to L to make letters on the left overlap the letter to its right. I also drew a straight line on the canvas to use as a ruler, then erased it when I was done. After a little practice you'll be a pro!

Some things to note when using Paint:
Use Edit-Undo, or Ctrl+Z to undo a step and correct an error you might make.
Add colors to the palette by clicking Colors-Edit Colors-Define Custom Colors.
Edit selected images using the Image options on the menu.
Paint is a bitmap program. Bitmap images are made up of connected squares and as such may sometimes appear a bit jagged-edged.



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