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 installing fonts
       by scrapNgal
font installation instructions

Once you have downloaded the exe (PC version) or sit (MAC version) file, follow these simple steps to install your fonts:

windows users: installing your fonts

Installing Step 1: Locate the new fonts that you've just finished downloading. Choose one and double click on it. That should install the fonts to your Windows System Fonts folder. You may want to reboot your computer after installing the fonts.

Congratulations, your fonts are installed!

macintosh: font installation

Installing Step 1: The font files are zipped up in SIT format. We used Aladdin's DropStuff utility to zip the files, and recommend using Stuffit Expander 5.0 or later to unzip them. You can get Stuffit Expander free at Aladdin Systems.

Simply drag and drop the SIT font file onto the Expander utility icon, and select a location to save the file to.

Installing Step 2: After unzipping your fonts, drag and drop the font files into your System\Fonts folder. Restart any open programs that use TrueType fonts to have your newly installed fonts appear in the list of fonts.

Congratulations, your fonts are installed!



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