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 how to flip a font or make mirror text
       by Microsoft Office Online
The only way you can flip text is if it's in a drawing object, such as a text box, a shape, WordArt, or in a table cell.

The only way to mirror text is if it's in an AutoShape, picture, WordArt, or piece of clip art.

In this example, Susan Cyrus typed "family" and then flipped the text before printing. This way when she printed the text the lines were on the backside of the patterned paper. She cut each letter and then turned them over before adhering.

To flip or change the orientation of text in an object

  1. Click the drawing object or table cell that contains the text you want to change.
  2. On the Format menu, click Text Direction .
  3. Click the orientation you want.
To mirror text
  1. Click the AutoShape, picture, WordArt, or clip art you want to mirror.
  2. On the Drawing toolbar, click Draw , point to Rotate or Flip , and then click Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical .

Note: Information provided by Microsoft Online Office


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