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       by scrapNgal
printables downloading instructions

The printables items sold on are downloadable, meaning you transfer them from to your computer. We do not e-mail or snail mail the printables items (unless you select the option for a custom CD). Once you have completed the check-out process and purchased your printables items, an order download page will appear.

windows and macintosh: downloading instructions

Downloading Step 1: You will need to download your printables one at a time by clicking the link next to the name (the link will be underlined). For Macintosh computers make sure you select option .sit files and not .exe files. The only exception is if it is a single pdf file, then it will be the same link for both Windows and Macintosh.

Downloading Step 2: When the download window opens, choose the Save Program to Disk option and click OK. You may receive an error if you click Open. This tries to run the installation file run directly from the Internet, but we strongly recommend the save option. An added benefit is you have a backup copy of your purchased items.

Downloading Step 3:In the Save In box, select a location to save your printables items to. This tells you where on your computer the fonts will be saved to. This could be any location of your choice. The Desktop is a good option because it places the files right on your desktop along with all your other icons and makes them easy to find. You can always move them later by dragging them into another folder. Select your location and click Save.
Note: If you are using a dial-up modem, make sure you unmark the option to disconnect when download is complete.

Downloading Step 4: When the download is complete, select the Close button and click another printables item to begin downloading it.

Contact technical support if you need help.


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