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       by Nicole LaRue
Tip: Playing with a fun typeface that matches your theme is a charming little detail that will help make your gift just that much more unique!

1. Download, print and cut out robot tag template.
2. Punch eyelet holes and set eyelets.
3. Add ball chain for hanging.

Transfer artwork, like these fun robot figures, to other items, like metal or glass, using transfer paper.

1. Cut out a small, square sheet of paper, about 3" x 3". Add creases by folding the sheet on both diagonals.
2. Open sheet again and fold in the four corners so they meet in the middle.
3. Turn the sheet over and fold the four corners back so they meet in the middle. Then, fold the sheet in half and slip fingers into the sleeves on the back.

1. Download and print artwork on iron-on transfer paper. (Note: Remember to print the image in reverse as you'll be placing it facedown on the T-shirt to apply.) Cut out design.
2. Place image facedown on the T-shirt.
3. Follow the directions on the iron-on transfer paper packaging to apply to T-shirt.

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      Printable designed by Nicole LaRue
      created by Nicole LaRue
27 images on 11 pdf pages: Silhouette Tags
Glass Transfers Invitation
Tags Coloring Sheet
Bag Topper for Magnets T-shirt Illustrations

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