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 June Free Quotes Page: Believe
       by ScrapNgal
SNF News readers enjoy a free quotes page in every issue of the newsletter. Use on layouts, cards, to stick on your fridge or bathroom mirror, etc. Submit your layouts here showing us how you used these quotes!

  • Download the ZIP file containing a ready-to-print PDF (568 KB) and a PNG file, great for digital scrapbooking (677 KB).

    If you aren't a ScrapNfonts newsletter subscriber yet, that's okay. Just sign up here, and go ahead and enjoy this free download.

    Fonts used:

  • Churchill - CK Chipboard, CK Applause, CK Cheer Squad, CK Dear Miss Rose
  • Believe - CK Chipboard
  • Anonymous - CK Dear Miss Rose, CK Applause
  • Unknown - CK Felicity

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