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 Organize Your Fonts with a Font Manager
       by scrapNgal

Organize your treasured collection of fonts, and make it easier to find the right font or Doodlebat, with a free font manager.

We like the highly rated program (and free) The Font Thing, but you can browse many font managers at CNET, a trusted source for downloads.

Working on a title but not sure which font to use? Open The Font Thing, select the Sample tab, type in your title, and simply arrow down your font list to preview your title in all of your different fonts, including Doodlebats, which are harder to "try out" than fonts because you don't know what character you might get until you type it.

Another added bonus? You may find more "hidden" characters in some of your fonts that you didn't know you had. New font releases on SNF since fall 2007 have extended, international characters. You'll find those characters, if present, by selecting the Characters tab. (For help in typing those extended characters, see Windows Extended Characters and Mac Extended Characters.)

From The Font Thing's description by its creator (as posted on
"Browse installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts, viewing sample text, individual characters, and detailed font information. Easy font-management functions let you install, uninstall, print, copy, or delete any number of fonts at once. You can even store your own notes with them, filter them according to type (serif, sans serif, and so on), and group them into collections for convenience. This version lets you choose your font colors, set up drop-down lists of standard text samples, rename font files to avoid conflicts, and load fonts temporarily for use without installing them."


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