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 DIY Holiday Cards 2010
       by ScrapNgal

Making your own Holiday cards is easier than you many think. With the help of our new Holiday Trio bundles, which expertly coordinate a DoodleBat and two fonts, your cards and newsletters this year will look fantastic. The trio bundles are up to 33% less than if you purchased the fonts individually. Check them out!

Joyful Trio

Joyful Trio includes:

  • SNF Infinity Bold
  • DB Chill Out
  • LD Timely

See the font trio >

See the card >

Merry and Bright Trio

Merry and Bright Trio includes:

  • LD New Arrival
  • DB O Tannenbaum
  • LD Hot Betty

See the font trio >

See the card >

Christmas Birds Trio

Holiday Birds Trio includes:

  • TXT Modern Mom
  • DB Christmas Birds
  • SNF School Yard

See the font trio >

See the card >

Nativity Trio

Nativity Trio includes:

  • LD Cursive
  • DB Nativity
  • LD Woodland

See the font trio >

See the card >

Hey Photoshop Users!

For more tips on how to create your card with the help of Photoshop, visit the ScrapNgal Blog where she will lead you step by step in creating your own Holiday Cards. It's surprisingly easy!

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